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We are a few weeks into the new teaching year and there is great energy and enthusiasm filling the atmosphere in our Textile Design Studios and Workshops.

Third year students undertaking conceptual design development along with responding to Industry Briefs. Currently they are finalizing designs for Country Road and also exploring a ‘Collage’ brief which involves risk taking and material studies. The two projects offer a taste of the depth and diversity of contemporary textile design practice.

Second year students are extending their skills in the print, knit and weave workshops along with the computer labs. Projects range from design development for upholstery through to painting and drawing in the floral design style and traditional Indian block printing.

And our newbies – the first year students having been drawing up a storm to the sounds of music along with 3D form exploration using paper and clay.

Here are some examples of what they have been doing…

Observational Drawing with Mixed Media
A visit from 2nd year students giving 1st year students tips about the course
Different Mark Making Methods explored

Floral inspiration materials (aka flowers!) kindly provided by Casa Verde flowers


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