Combining a strong curatorial eye and a fascination with the social world, Nicola Wong builds a tactile narrative breathing life into history’s forgotten souls and modern day misfits.  Blending stylistic cues from antiquity with modern simplicity,  Nicola creates distinct, delicate and refined one – off pieces to adorn the body and the home.

nicolawong_artwork 625developmental artwork and collage with linen and cotton handwoven piece


Artisanal qualities define Nicola’s practice.  Principally made by hand, her work brings together techniques such as weaving, beading, quilting, distressing, collage, print and illustrative work.  A subdued colour palette allows textural and structural elements to come to the fore, revealing the true nature of the cloth.


Nicola_Wong_26OCT2015_-17491 625digital collage print on silk, hand quilted, rep handwoven obi with dyed silk tie

Beginning with a rigorous period of research and concept development, Nicola’s work is grounded in a strong historical and social context.  Informed by her past experience in community development, Nicola is guided by slow and equitable design principles.  At the heart of her design practice is a deep reverence for the lineage of textile traditions; a theme constantly explored in her work.

Nicola_Wong_30OCT2015_0048 625
developmental work for New Democracy project