Kiaya Byrne is an emerging textiles designer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Recently graduating a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design), majoring in screen-printing.


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With a distinctive style of abstract and geometric form, Kiaya develops an illustration style that particularly focuses on landscapes and urban architecture most recently. The professionalism seen in the quality of Kiaya’s work is depicted through innovative concepts, and fresh, relevant themes.


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Kiaya’s passion for Textiles comes from her use of materiality, from embroidery, to screen printing, digital design, and tapestry, mark making, illustrating and collaging.


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Kiaya has also completed two contemporary textile art projects, where the series of works will be held in a collective exhibition early December 2015.

Most recently, Kiaya has designed and produced a print range that is retailed in a small boutique called Vacation Forever. The fun aesthetic seen in Kiaya’s work is unusual, yet refined to depict herself as a fresh, innovative designer.