My curiosity and appreciation for art and design emerged from a young age, driven by mentors who inspired and encouraged my creative skills to develop. This passion initially led towards a career in Graphic Design where I built an understanding of technology and commercial design practices. After working in studios around Melbourne, I found myself longing for a transition away from digital processes – towards the diversity of design based in tradition and handcrafted methods.


Image: Fluidic ©EWoods 2015

Extending into Textile Design has allowed for a return to mark making, painting, illustration and craft whilst enhancing skills in digital design. My previous experience has resulted in a practice which merges traditional techniques with new technologies.


Image: Plantae ©EWoods 2015

I find purpose in considered, research-based and concept-driven work. Gaining inspiration by observing the surrounding environment, my work often reflects an engagement and curiosity with the natural world. My designs are motivated by an organic and experimental process – playing with colour, pattern, layering and tactile materialities.


Image: Plantae 2 ©EWoods 2015 

I’m motivated by sustainable practice principles and am interested in how design can learn from the world to adapt and innovate new textile solutions. I hope to continue to develop skill, knowledge and experience in design and to build a practice which is varied and open to evolution.