Emma Shanahan is a textile designer from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Having recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Designs at Melbourne’s RMIT University.

Emma’s innovative style of work has developed over the past 3 years. Experimenting with hand drawn designs, water paints, resin art, textiles, embellishments and costume designs. Emma loves to explore different styles and mediums.



Image: Ingredients


Emma’s skills with colour, prints, illustration and patterns are original and fresh, always searching for that point of difference in her designs. Her biggest aspiration is to create bright, unique, organic and eye catching pieces, using a variety of mediums and combining them together.



Image:  Plume

Her natural love for the ocean inspires her to create such artworks that resemble rock pools, swirling waves, still horizons, coral or the waters’ surface. Forever connecting her designs to her surroundings.


2Image: Impromptu Motion