Callan Davies is a Melbourne based textile artist with a love of colour and culture.

Growing up in Papua New Guinea, and later living in Germany and Brazil, Callan was inspired to embark on a creative journey through textiles, colour and art. Studying The Diploma of Textile Design and later the BA of Arts, Textile Design at RMIT, School of Fashion and Textiles, Callan graduated with a print major in 2015.





Callan uses art, architecture, fashion and culture as inspiration to express her fashion forward designs for a broad commercial market.

Spending four months interning at Pattern Source, Callan immersed herself in the textile industry and has collaborated with iconic Australian brands, Country Road, Linen House, Maxwell Williams and Marvel Australia.


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Callan explores concepts of fertility, life, death, and humans’ complex relationship with the environment through her abstract, trend-focused pieces, while still maintaining a sophisticated, multi functional aesthetic.

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Using a multi-disciplinary, process driven approach to her work, Callan saturates herself in the world of print, knit and surface design, and believes that each piece she creates is an extension of herself and her ever-evolving surroundings.