Aybike Uysal, born in Melbourne’s north, comes from a humble and suburban world. From an early age, Aybike began to develop the skills attributed to a designer by committing herself to small craft projects and constructing textile-based accessories for family and friends. Inspired by the world around her, her work illustrates themes of ‘being and belonging’.


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Her inquisitive nature lead her to completing a certificate IV in Design at the Northern College of the Arts & Technology (NCAT), where she focused on experimental art, technical and life drawing skills as well as textile design and fabric manipulation. This introduction to the world of textiles, led her into the BA Textile Design at RMIT University.

Studying in the eclectic location of Brunswick, she was welcomed into a new culture and community of study. She collaborated with like-minded peers and took interest in new themes such a repeat systems, hand-rendering techniques, computer aided design and sustainable design. She developed a playful and whimsical style with her intuitive processes and excelled especially in her area of constructed textiles.


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In her third year of study she pursued a major in constructed knitted textiles, experimenting with simple structures and manipulating existing knitted techniques. She meticulously charges the importance of craftsmanship and emotional connection between textiles throughout her processes.

She has been privileged enough to be a part of RMIT industry collaborations with companies such as Linen House, Ladelle and Dryen, through her projects titled: ‘Garden of Broken Colour’, ‘Floral Flavour’ and ‘Timber Sleeper’.