As a textile designer my approach to design is inquisitive, aspiring to work sustainably in my practice. End use and product lifespan are embedded in my generation of ideas, where a multitude of problems are considered before resolving the outcome.




An inquisitive mix of material selection is pertinent to my projects to utilise opportunities and to be resourceful and spontaneous.

A strong interest in travel, texture and collaboration guides my thought flow. As a printer I work predominantly with political and wild life inspired illustration. These platforms are used to interpret my prints into something more textural and unique.



My personality is expressed in my work; comedic and imaginative. I work with ideas that provoke reactions and give others food for thought. Conversational naive motifs made from layers of markers, ink and mix media brighten my illustrations. These ideas sew through my work to create bold, vibrant designs with visual appeal.

As textile designers we take on the hefty burden of solving the textile waste problem. In an ever expanding world I believe it is vital for a textile designer to design with a conscious and considerate outcome.




Working as a freelance designer and designer maker is my main ambition. I wish to work in an inspiring environment where I can grow, share and add to the knowledge of myself and others. With small goals in mind I anticipate to soon make a difference to the world through my practice, encouraging others to adapt their own ethos for a more ecological and humanitarian world.