Specialising in constructed textiles I find working with my hands the best form of self-expression. The creation of something from nothing is for me, one of the best pleasures in life.


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I am drawn towards the exploration of contemporary and traditional textile processes and am driven by my desire to create objects that place emphasis on the handmade and ornate.


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The themes I explore in my work convey my fascination with history, from the Baroque period to the Arts and Crafts movement both of which have informed and contributed to my appreciation of artisan knowledge and the bespoke.
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Traditional techniques such as embroidery, crochet, lace work (both knitted and crochet) and pleats, each exploring the use of experimental yarn and fibres, are seen consistently in my practice as I strive to continually build on such skills.


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In the future I hope to continue to hone my skills as a textile designer, with the aim of eventually starting up my own label.