When I create I often look to my local surroundings for inspiration.



The natural colours, shapes and textures found in botanical species will forever hold my fascination as well as man made oddities found in an urban landscape. I love working with yarn, fashion, print and collage to reflect and develop the beauty I find.



My approach to design is similar to other challenges that come my way in life, planning, collecting and organising happen at my natural pace, within set times and sporadically. In a clean space I will go through a period of trial and error until I feel I have the solution I was hoping for.





Being innovative while maintaining positive and ethically conscious solutions to design challenges is something I value and enjoy in my practice, as it’s my way of respecting and maintaining my main source of inspiration, our botanical nature.




With time my practice will naturally evolve. My instinct is to ‘have a go’ and explore design for the body, home and world through multiple of practices, from designer maker, costume designer, artist, store owner, traveller and community member. I am very excited for what is to come.