It is fascinating how the process of design can itself be a journey and lead to unexpected and innovative outcomes.




I find that the most interesting processes of textile design are the development of material use, variability in colour choices, and the construction of both fabric and form. The endless possibilities of woven design give me the opportunity to be constantly problem solving and discovering new techniques in order to achieve my interests in creating form, depth and texture.

This is consistently achieved through the use of double weave techniques, with which I am very familiar and experienced. Double weave appeals to me as it highlights my interests in creating 3 dimensional shapes and strong blocks of colour.





My conceptual work expresses the importance of craftsmanship and the connection built between the fabric and the maker. I always take care in creating collections that speak to the viewer so that they share the relationship that I have developed with my work. However, my commercial work is largely based on trend concepts with a strong focus on the use of colour.




With a graphic yet feminine style, I like to have fun and explore with my design work. My style is often inspired by stories, whether they are based on nostalgia, history, culture, myths or fanciful tales. I enjoy working in both conceptual and commercial settings as they stimulate my creativity and interests, giving me the opportunity to experiment with different concepts.