Collecting ideas from everyday experience is something I do for inspiration. Natural environments and geometric pattern are my main influences and enable me to create playful, colourful textile designs.



Surface design is my passion and when I create textile pieces, I combine a mixture of traditional and modern print techniques to create designs with depth and detail.




Being a textile designer brings me joy and when I work I am filled with a sense of calm and purpose. I like to create work in a traditional way with my hands, drawing, painting and printmaking. My mark making is quick and energetic meaning my designs aren’t always perfect but burst with a mass of colour and character creating a fun, youthful aesthetic. I like ordered chaos. Being experimental is important to me because I think it is the way new and exciting things are created. I am always pushing myself to try new materials and techniques, I find mixed media pieces are interesting and fun to create.



I think that the process of designing and making should be fun and through this more successful designs are created. Sustainability should also be a key factor where design pieces have meaning and can be relevant long term. I would love an opportunity to bring my design philosophy to a commercial environment where my designs can be influential to a wider audience. People connecting to my work on a personal level and seeing its value is important to me and I believe that design created with passion should be treasured.