As a textile designer I like to combine traditional crafts and techniques with naïve shapes and bright colours to reflect my playful outlook on the world.




Inspiration comes from the patterns, shapes and textures that surround my day-to-day life and also from the painting, beading, embroidery and other crafts that are found in traditional cultures globally.




I take a hands-on approach as a designer/maker, being involved in each step of designing from the initial sketches to the final outcome. The element of the hand within my work is important; so as to connect the viewer to the development of a product; allowing for time and process to be present in my textiles.




As a surface textile designer I focus on making printed fabrics that use abstract designs to tell my story through bright colour and vibrant pattern. Elements of embroidered or beaded embellishments are also explored within my designs for pops of texture and a more tactile surface. With a love for studio days spent painting and making I hope to continue exploring textiles through the development of my own label and working as a freelance designer.