Through textile design, creation becomes a methodical yet instinctual process. My work is thoughtful and considered; as a weaver, craftsmanship is essential while I construct and build, searching for balance between function and beauty.



I subconsciously hunt for meaning and intent behind every action as I overlap and link my materials to one another.

I find beauty in the discarded and the rejected, in destruction and rebirth. I create by combining the old and the new; striving to reinvigorate and reinvent while seeking harmony and balance.




My style is one of simplicity, where process is key. The physicality and tactile nature of raw materials is crucial as I attempt to shape them into being. I prefer working with recycled fibers, naturally dyed colours and hand-manipulated procedures. Age-old techniques; weaving, tapestry, basketry, and knotting are utilised to create contemporary ideas through experimentation with yarn, texture, colour, shape and form.




This practice is a result of my underlying belief in the principles of slow design. For me, adaptability, durability and purpose are an imperative part of the creation process. These ideals will stay at the forefront as I hone and refine my craft, collaborate across disciplines, and continue to take part in the development of sustainable, considered design.