My personal approach to design is to create beautiful craft that makes people happy with the use of colours to evoke mood and emotions.




I find myself creating work with playfulness, naivety and sometimes boldness. Colours I use vary from soft to a brighter palette, evoking a joyful mood and excitement to my work.




Having a strong fascination for printed fabrics, I decided to major in print. I love the process of transforming an idea onto a fabric combining surface texture such as embroidery, which gives a more tactile quality and aesthetic to the fabric.



I gain my inspiration through observing everything around me. It could be the natural surrounding that I am in, the emotions that I have felt or from people I have connected with. I hope to translate all the things that I have experienced through different cultures and places into my design process. To me inspiration can simply come from anyone and everywhere, it is the matter of perspective and imagination of one’s mind.