As a textile designer and a self-taught illustrator I’m inspired by nature and daily life. Florals, plants along the road and city landscapes will always get me excited and provide me with endless ideas and thoughts. Tiny elements such as the texture and colours of a leaf or a petal are recorded by camera or sketch pad to build up my own pattern library.




Watercolour and detailed linework have become my favourite techniques. Throughout years of art study I consider one of my design style is delicate and romantic. Washy, pastel colours and smooth mark making teamed with floral and organic motifs make the designs dream-like and feminine. The other style that I have is fun and naive, such as food illustrations and colourful animal drawings. As a free-minded designer I play with the colour and form which brings me unexpected possibilities. Being a printer I love to get messy and hands on, pull the squeegee and feel the fabric.





The most important thing for me as a designer is to be creative and original. Works that are unique and profound will be more treasured by people. I want them to gain happiness from my designs. Happy to see, happy to get, happy to keep.



RMIT_MengYu_3NOV2014_ 5286 RMIT_MengYu_3NOV2014_ 5292


I see myself working in a professional studio in the following years and keeping myself open for different experiences and opportunities.