I have a pair of hands that enjoy experimenting and creating woven and hand painted designs that tell a story. Referencing the peaceful ambience of nature and landscape to a city’s busiest and traditional areas is my way of gaining insights for new creative concepts. This ongoing adventure reflects deeply within my textile design work.




Design is about finding one’s identity. Falling deep into imagination, evoking past memories as well as encountering new experiences is a way for me to demonstrate my creativity and personal style. Paper sculpting, laser cut and the use of mixed media particularly acrylic, sand, crepe paper, gouache and watercolor distinguish my individuality. For me, it’s about being spontaneous and experimental. The results are always rich in color and texture either in a subtle or instinctive manner. Weave is about construction and the tactile feeling and to emphasize on this a deeper connection is made between my hands and yarn each time I weave. The application between these two are important as it allows me to further engage with what I’m designing using a range of textured yarns and therefore I can continuously weave without any breaks.





Working overseas excites me. Having a deep interest and passion for fashion I am determined to work within this part of the industry and eventually starting my own weave high fashion label to create new and fresh designs that will influence a growing market.