As a Textile Designer, I find myself forever on duty. I am a constant observer of the changing world around me, seeing the imperfect as perfect, the incomplete as complete and the impermanence of nature as something beautiful.


Digi fabric scrunch

Referencing the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, my design approach is organic and handcrafted; embracing wonkiness. This ongoing preoccupation feeds into my work through a haphazard yet methodical approach, layering narrative through the considered application of tactile materials.

I am inspired by the idea of a continuous story. Everyday objects and spaces that reveal signs of age and transformation over time. I create a structured yet irregular form by interconnecting knit techniques and mark making to reflect the organic nature of change. Capturing a fleeting moment in time within every stitch or drawn line.


crop top back

knit dress full length


My process to me, is as important as the final outcome. My ideas develop intuitively, yet my practice is methodical. I tend to experiment with yarn and traditional media in a quick spontaneous way, then reflect in reference to a developed narrative. Methods such as relief printing, dry media, collage, textural yarn use, hand dyeing, irregular stitch structures and placements create outcomes that are individual, imperfect, and with a constant connection to the hand.


French knots


I am currently working towards launching my career as a textile designer/maker and refining my craft in knitwear and surface design. With a strong focus on exploring the possibilities of bespoke and individual outcomes. I hope to also inspire and teach others about the joys of Textile Design. To always remain on duty, to stay inspired, to keep learning, and to keep making.