As textile designers, we take ourselves too seriously, I believe textile design should be fun and enjoyable, which is how I approach my work.




The playful connotations throughout my work are there deliberately, they are portrayal of my mood and my lifestyle. My design style is bold and illustrative, I have an appreciation for cut paper techniques which are the foundation of my designs. I enjoy the relaxed versatility of working with both product and concept.





I draw on visual references including Japanese culture, and all things nostalgic to create meaning behind my work. My style is conceptual in nature, spiked with a playful commercial edge. My existing love for intricate knitted pieces, from children’s socks to thick cable knit jumpers, has now matured and is what motivates me to move forward with the commercial concepts I now create.


IMG_1775 2


I draw enjoyment from the entire process of creation, not just marvelling at an end product. The many changes between an initial idea and how it works conceptually to a completely refined and structured finished garment is what brings me to start each new project with a unique outlook. This tied with a passion for hand made and constructed pieces plays a vital role in me completing my projects with absolute precision and detail.