As a textile designer I often see myself applying a sense of transformation in my work. Taking elements of traditional aesthetics to create a contemporary face, this may involve the manipulation of motif and media.




I find myself drawn towards Japanese culture and how it informs my design style. Thisinfluence not only defines me as a textile designer but also enables my creativity to flourish.




Delicate, fragile features evoke gentleness through colour and texture as this often takes inspiration through my liking for Japan. As a printer I rely heavily on my illustrative skills, the use of traditional media and digital manipulation communicates my work. This leads to a collection of designs that incorporate digital and traditional techniques.




My designs should evoke strong visuals, as one should feel the delicate nature of the motifs and colour. The layering of techniques should allow a person to feel the subtle gentleness of the design but leave a strong imprint on their mind.



My journey is one that is unpredictable and that’s what makes it a learning process, as I build upon my skills through this adventure. I would like one to day to showcase my unique prints through my own fashion label.