In order to be effective in the current textile industry, it is my personal belief that a designer needs to posses a diverse set of skills; that range and interplay between the hand-generated, and the technologically assisted.



What makes this style, or approach towards textile design so effective is that it enables the reinterpretation of traditional techniques, and challenges preconceived ideas that surround textiles.




As a textile designer what inspires me, and what I enjoy the most, is the initial stages of the creative process. The ability to explore ideas, research, and experiment with technique, all allows me to develop a final design that references the old, but presents it in a modern way.




Through my knit practice I have grown an appreciation for beautiful texture, and fabric. By choosing a practice that works with structure and form, my repertoire of skill and imagination has broadened immensely.



While my designs often involve artistic expression and exploration of forms, through the industry projects that I have completed, my final outcomes show a strong ability to apply my style to the pre-existing identity of a brand.