Through the mediums of paint, yarn and dye I pattern cloth, using my hands to communicate stories. I explore a penchant for whimsy and quirk in a riotous explosion of colour. Yarns become knitted form as I express my innermost joy in the ability to pursue the craft that I love.




I am a fourth generation textile artisan and I constantly reference this strong craft heritage in my work. My style is eclectic, vibrant and playful: invigorated by a passion for folklore and contemporary indie-pop culture.



How Does Your Garden Grow overalls


Working intuitively, my preferred design approach relies on instinct and exploration. I find using my hands to be of crucial importance to creative progression; allowing me to experiment freely while I pursue design outcomes.



Preserving artisan skills is important to me. I aim to promote the value of handcrafted work by sharing my expertise in the fields of print, knit and dye. In 2015 I plan to refine my design practice by working in a collaborative studio while expanding my fashion knitwear label Millie Mosca.