One of the most important goals in my life is finding and creating beauty through Textile Design.




In the past 3 years I have being looking at daily objects, visiting various exhibitions, travelling to other places and gathering information to inspire my creation. The style I aspire to present is a combination of romantic, subtle, sheer and delicate elements, which has driven me to produce fresh textile outcomes.



RMIT_Danni_31OCT2014_ 5269


I like to create work in a traditional way with my hands, through drawing, painting and hand knit. As a knitter and illustrator, I enjoy working on botanical flora, geometric structures and soft material.




It seems I have a preference to transfer my drawing into knitting, while searching for the balance between function and beauty, combining the vintage technique and the new. I try to push myself to explore the all the aesthetic values. As a textile designer I also need to consider the sustainability of my work. Therefore I prefer to use recycle yarn or fabric and get it a ‘new life’. That is textile magic, which I call rebirth.