As a textile designer, I convey the story of journeys that fill my memories, through material and form.




I have a deep appreciation for the traditions, skills and time taken in processing textiles. I have always been inquisitive about experimenting with different colour combi­nations from the creative mind. My natural curiosity to explore different crafts through material was encouraged by my family. As I have been fortunate to travel to and live in many different parts of the world, woven textiles created by local artisans inspire me to continue to explore and develop innovative textiles.




My designs are almost always busy with delicate detailing, produced in a painterly style. I find myself drawn to the natural beauty of flora, which often becomes the focal point in my motifs.




In contrast to the whimsy of my hand drawn artwork, I find the structured process of hand weaving both stimulating and gratifying. As a constructed designer, learning technique and working to a pattern allows me to create textiles with meanings, ha­bitually using an elaborate colour palette.




The endless possibilities for working in textile design is what motivates me to create textiles that engage, everyday.