I am a practical idealist, transforming everyday functional design with the aim for it to be seen as an equally beautiful concept.



A constant experimentation of imagination and late night light bulb moments become layered and considered. Innovation in combination with soft emotional tugs from nature, vivid memories and personal ingenuity assist in forming aesthetic design unity.



Catherine 01


With a black fine-liner in hand, a methodical list and brainstorm must be created before any base concept can be developed. Evoking personal connections and meaning into design aims to ensure an extensive life for the holistic product outcomes. The final design is created through careful consideration of production processes, material choices and practicality. Using a combination of hand-generated artwork and further computer-aided processes, to generate designs that are both minimalistic yet immersed in timeless elegance are able to merge together.



My focus is on continuing to create beautiful holistic designs that are innovative, whilst working in a commercial yet sustainable studio with like-minded designers.