As a textile designer I find the way I approach design is to look for things that stand out from the everyday norm. I look for colours and objects that are bright and unusual. Things that make people stop and look, which create curiosity and raise questions.




I am inspired by fashion and accessories like socks, caps, gloves and scarves, because I like how such a simple accessory can provide a person with as much or as little personality as they choose to show. This is what drives my creativity and get me excited about design. I like to link these accessories together so that you end up with a collection that visibly matches and coordinates.




My working style comes from my background as an elite athlete. I begin by building a base foundation, which is made up of ideas and research, and then I like to throw myself into my design process until I feel as though I have achieved my objectives.

dynamic bird 1


Design to me is about having fun, pushing the boundaries of creativity and incorporating business skills like e-commerce and social media so that my designs are seen and available to a global audience.