My obsession with textiles is deeply rooted in the fact that we are engaged with them from the moment we are born til the moment we die.


callum mckay one

This aesthetic influences my drawing style as well, subverting symbols and imagery and presenting them in fresh and unexpected ways. I work with imagery that is iconic or kitsch; loaded motifs and symbols that have connotations and meaning.

callum mckay two

The starting point for my work is always illustrative; getting a good drawing down and then manipulating it from there. I love solid tessellating shapes and small illustrative forms that fit together to create a larger pattern. I believe design should be unique and exciting. It should conjure emotion and intrigue, making a statement that people can engage with. I’m interested in exploring many various aspects of the textile industry. I’m passionate about making one-off, small run pieces that people can wear with pride, or collaborating with other designers to create new and dynamic textiles. I’ve love to also work within the community to share my knowledge and encourage others to become engaged creatively.