As a textile designer, I am driven by people, inquiry and purpose. Connecting the issues of the global and the challenges of the local through the textile medium. My creative work is informed by conversations between people, international news and diverse cultures.




More than a surface designer, I also engage in constructing textiles to achieve evocative narratives. I believe design should be authentic and purposeful. I connect with my audience through their response to my designs.




Exploring texture, dye and e-textiles in felt, knit and weave, I create minimal but extraordinary statements. Connecting people, cultures and beliefs is key for me. I find my passion when championing important issues and prompting people to engage with the meaning of design. In 2013 I went on exchange to India enabling me to share with peers from all over the world, and learn their stories. Being part of such experiences encourages my design to be a vehicle for significance.





I am encouraged to see the growing international interest for sustainability, small business and purposeful design. I hope to be part of the innovation of the textile industry, placing it in a contemporary and global context with sustainable solutions for the future.