I have a penchant for the tactile. Creating pieces through the use of my hands garners a sense of joy in me. In using various materials and hyper textural elements, I strive for the unconventional and allow a process of experimentation to inform my own designs.




At the outset, my work regularly employs vivid colours of the ‘innocent’ and ‘naïve’. However, there is often a serious element that underscores this playful and jovial aesthetic. I revel in spontaneity and push for a synthesis between new and old techniques. Although planning is imperative, I do encourage an organic process of working— I see potential in the unpremeditated.




I am deeply influenced by the arts, as well as the human condition, and use my designs as a
platform on which to explore, understand and challenge certain concepts. There is a deliberate sense of ambiguity to my work; the exaggerated style is often a direct and personal commentary on the state of modern society and the uncertainties of everyday life. These correlations stem from my fascination with the human condition and as such, my designs always adopt a philosophical approach. I encourage interpretation and contemplation from the viewers, asking them to look beyond what is merely presented to them.