My aim as a textile designer is to contribute diverse and alluring design to an increasingly visual world.




Hand drawn elements are at the heart of this, allowing me to naturally explore shape, pattern and colour. I find illustration calming, which is often reflected in my work, allowing me to focus while showing the quirkier sides of my personality.




Much like conversation, I seek to communicate, ultimately believing that design should be accessible, personal and relevant. My work has applications through home wares to fashion and beyond.



Although my main area of focus is printed textiles I also love to explore the possibilities of knit and weave. I enjoy most designing to a brief, immersing myself in the challenge of appealing to a commercial market.

As such I work in an explorative mode with a tendency toward critical thinking. This process begins by unraveling and sorting through inspirations, techniques, trends and observations. Once an idea has manifested I take to drawing, painting and printing it into reality, a process that is largely intuitive.




This for me is the most rewarding part of textile design, taking a piece of an idea and turning it into something beautiful, seemingly out of nothing.