To work with the hand is paramount. I have always been creatively driven, dabbling in all sorts of craft. By nature I am an observer and collector, gathering scraps of fabric, magazines, postcards and photographs along my travels, slowly building my textile archive. To me, pursuing textiles just made sense.

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Busy sketches alongside scribbled notations express my initial impressions, as my ideas begin to cultivate. Then follows hours of research, rummaging through boxes of gathered bits, a desk of disarray, scrap paper and splattered ink. My naïve style contradicts the pandemonium in my process. Through my chaos I am able to find tranquillity, creating imaginative illustrations. My innocent and sometimes waggish aesthetic is a reflection of the buoyant outlook we have as children, an unchanging muse of mine.


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Print and pattern making gives me a voice: to tell a story or to evoke thought. My designs may appear light hearted but my approach is resolute. Personal attitudes and views form the undertones of my work, I see textiles as a tool for expression. It is my strongest belief that we must live harmoniously with nature, as individuals we have a responsibility to preserve all that is good and beautiful. As a designer I endeavor to create meaningful and sustainable fabric to support this notion.


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As I evolve, so do the themes that underpin my work. I am excited to grow, as I move forward and continue to learn in the field of textile art and design.