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Today’s post is by yours truly, detailing the recent Ladelle Industry Partnership Award project (now in it’s second year) as part of third year textile studio. 

We are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Ladelle, a major design and manufacturing company of homewares products based in Melbourne but exporting worldwide. Recent sales successes at Heimtextil Frankfurt, has placed Ladelle at the forefront of contemporary homewares, delivering creative Australian design to both local and global markets.
Ladelle Head Office – image courtesy Scott Knight
The project involved designing a range of contemporary homewares products responding to a commercial brief that included forecast information, colour palettes and styling trends supplied by Ladelle, which students then independently researched and developed. Students were also challenged to devise innovative solutions for new product interpretations, including aprons and kitchen accessories.

Students approached the project by beginning with hand generated design work – mark making and drawing with a range of media and materials, and then taking these into CATD (Photoshop & Illustrator) to translate into the final designs. This means that the individual mark / handwriting is retained, which is what often differentiates textile designs from graphic designs.  The project also allowed them to design for a complete homewares collection, incorporating different repeat structures, changes in scale and arrangement, placement (or hero) designs, specifying trims, details and so on. 

A studio visit, professional presentations, industry briefings and feedback, fixed time frame and deadlines were all integral to a project that brought the ‘real world’ industry experience to our studios.

Of course, there was a prize element involved, and we are pleased to announce the three winners:
  • Kate Tuckett – first prize
  • Meaghan McLeish – second prize
  • Laura Dougherty – highly commended.
The three winners were presented with their awards during a scrumptious lunch at the Ladelle Head Offices in Rowville last Friday.
(L-R) Ladelle Assistant Design Manager Liz Disler, Ladelle CEO James Gadsen, award winners Kate Tuckett, Meaghan McLeish, Laura Dougherty & Ladelle Senior Sales Manager, Andrew Wilson – Image courtesy Scott Knight

Kate’s winning design “Oriental Orimono” was based on the very popular ‘Oriental’ theme, so her designs had to bring something new to enhance the established identity, reinterpreting the theme whilst remaining ‘on brand’. The Ladelle judging panel commented that her ” yardage designs were all extremely commercial, with a beautiful flow to the entire design”.

What made her designs work so well was the attention to coordination and scale across the collection. She also captured the graphic handwriting of the Ladelle brand extremely well. So well in fact, that her designs may be taken to a global market (which means we can’t show you them here yet) - congratulations Kate!

Ladelle IPA winner Kate Tuckett – image courtesy Scott Knight

Second prize winner Meaghan McLeish’s “Yes Chef” tackled the challenging ‘Professional’ theme, aimed at the ‘aspiring Masterchef’ and drawing inspiration and insider information from her own sister’s experience (a real-life chef). The Ladelle team commented that they loved the thought process and the study of a real chef, great concept and attention to detail in the way she made a lot of her elements”.

Highly commended winner Laura Dougherty also took on the ‘Professional’ theme with her ‘Modern Simplicity’ collection. The panel commented that they “loved the thought process behind the aprons and each piece, especially the tea towels and detailed materials notes. Great commercial design”

(L-R) Laura Dougherty, Meaghan McLeish & Kate Tuckett in the design studio at Ladelle

Congratulations girls!

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