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As regular BATD blog readers would know, one of the strengths of our program is our engagement with industry.  Today, we bring you a story about our first collaboration with Design To Print - a * WIL Studio (* Work Integrated Learning) for 2015.

The WIL Studio in third year offers students a direct ‘real world’ experience in preparation for working life and career development as a textile designer. This project aims to highlight the significance of having a record of relevant practice or experiences to assist graduates in securing ongoing employment after graduation – most commonly within the freelance design market.

Small groups of 4-6 designers were partnered with a WIL sponsor to develop a freelance project, responding to a live industry brief. Project teams individually researched and presented design solutions to the industry client – much like a working freelance studio – successful designs were then commercialised for a range of product outcomes and are now available in the Australian market.

The Design To Print WIL Studio gave the students the opportunity to design unique wallpapers that will be available for purchase on the Design To Print custom wallpaper shop.


Image: ‘Altitude’ by Ooi Ken Liew for DTP Custom Wallpaper

9 final year students participated in the project, working over a 5-week period with weekly meetings and reviews to develop the final artwork and submissions. Gianni Favaro and Mick Kass from Design To Print were on hand throughout the entire process to provide feedback, technical advice and aid in the design direction when needed. The first iteration of designs were also showcased at the VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Design) Competition in July 2015, with Marieke Bruins’ ‘Ombre’ design selected for the key panels in the exhibition stand.

VIVID_morephotos_003_cropped_625Image: Marieke Bruins’ ‘Ombre’ for DTP Custom Wallpaper at VIVID – image courtesy VIVID


MB_dtp_HERODESIGNtrueombrec_625Image: ‘Ombre’by Marieke Bruins for DTP Custom Wallpaper

Managing Director of Design To Print, Gianni Favaro explains, “It was a totally invigorating experience to be amongst such enthusiastic and talented young people with a passion to create and who are not afraid to explore their imagination. The creative future is assured as technological advances are made from design to print, pardon the pun, and creative young people such as the ones that Mick and I had the pleasure of working with will continue to have inspiration and the support from institutions such as RMIT.”

As part of the WIL studio project, the students license their design work for a period of time, with a commission paid for every sale of their work on the site. Currently on www.dtopshop.com.au, each of the students is profiled alongside their wallpaper designs, with the intention of this being an ongoing program, with new students having this exciting opportunity available to them each year.

cw_DW0001_625Image: #1 by Daisy Watt for DTP Custom Wallpaper

When asked about the importance of programs such as this in supporting the next generation of designers, Claire Beale, Program Manager for BATD,  says, “It goes without saying that it is of primary importance that emerging textile designers have every opportunity to work with the industry on live projects. The Design To Print Custom Wallpaper project engages students with the wider market comprising home renovators, decorators and designers, enabling them to bring their highly creative design ideas to a myriad of applications.”

Claire goes on to explain, “From the perspective of the program, projects that showcase the skills of textile designers to a broad customer base are a great way to inform the public about just what it is we can do to enhance your life and demonstrate to the design profession the potential for collaboration and innovation in a commercial sector.”

Congratulations to our emerging designers, and thanks to Design to Print for another successful collaboration. Check out the full collection of designs - buy now! – on the DTP webshop

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