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As part of this year’s Fashion Revolution Week first year Textile Design Studio Structure students shared their pom-pom making skills in a workshop held on campus. We had students from a range of courses drop in to make their very own pom-pom using waste yarn sourced from the knit and weave workshops. The outcomes were fantastic – furry, fluffy, bright and weird!  We made a small dent in the pile of waste yarn – but are keen to do more.

Justin and Sienna

Justin Cases and Sienna Galtry use waste yarn and pom-pom making to explore colour theories in First Year Textile Design Studio Structure

pom pom making

Pom-pom making in action with Phoebe Chen and Bianca Stewart (right)

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released an information paper in 2013 detailing the types of waste generated by Australians and how it is dealt with i.e. recovered domestically, exported or disposed of in Australian landfill sites. The report classified textiles and leathers as being ‘inseparable / unknown waste’ and therefore too difficult and costly to recover. As a result 501,000 tonnes…of leather and textiles were sent to landfill between 2009 and 2010.

The issue of textile waste is a global one. In the 2017 edition of How to be a Fashion Revolutionary a suite of alarming statistics were shared. “Last year, the world bought 73 million tons of textiles, yet only 20% are recycled each year…around 350,000 tonnes of used clothes go to landfill in the UK every year”.

The Textile Industry is working on a range of measures across design, manufacturing, science and technology to eliminate waste – in the meantime we (the designers and users of textiles) need to be considerate of our material choices – questioning the origin and processing of fibres / fabrics as well as methods for end of life.  Check out the Lateline interview with Clara Vuletich and Clare Press for some innovative ideas.

We are keen to make good use of our waste yarn, so if you have any ideas / projects send them through to emma.lynas@rmit.edu.au, after all, “Waste is only waste if you waste it” (Will.i.am)

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