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Today’s Alumni series features recent 2012 graduate, Tanya D’Souza. 

Tanya had a taste of the commercial world whilst still studying, taking a year out in 2011 to undertake a colour and trim design assistant role as part of the cooperative program at GM Holden Colour & Trim. Not content to rest on her laurels, in her final year Tanya took on two additional internships with Megan Park and Ink & Spindle, rounding up her experience at H.A.G. (Maxwell & Williams) at the end of the year. 

Image: Cashmere Petal Pastiche courtesy H.A.G. (Maxwell & Williams)

During her short time in the studio, she developed a hand painted range for the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere collection –  ‘Petal Pastiche’ – which is now in production. After her internship, Tanya moved to Sydney to take up a role at Korda Design. Talk about going places!

Thanks Tanya for taking the time out to talk with us!

Image Tanya D’Souza 2012 : Tanya’s handpainted artwork –  Petal Pastiche for H.A.G.

What is your current role?

At the start of the year I moved to Sydney to accept a role with a custom rugs and carpet design studio working full time as a design consultant. My role includes designing carpets and rugs (of course!) but I’m also heavily involved in project management, marketing and business development.

How do you define your style?

This might sound bizarre but I don’t think I have a signature style. When designing for clients you have to let go of what you want and focus purely on their aesthetic. But if I were to be given free reign to design anything…I think it would involve a lot of indigo and saffron hues and more likely than not a hint of Indian motif and pattern design.
What does a typical working day involve?

One of the main reasons I took this job was because there was never going to be a typical day and that’s exactly how it is. My week often includes, plenty of emails, generating design work and meticulous spec sheets, meetings with clients (latte’s and lunches are all part of the job!), coordinating logistics, installations, marketing and business development
What are the rewards of your job/work?

So far its been a huge learning experience but I’ve quite naturally slipped into the consultancy and client facing nature of the role and I love that I get to take projects through from the concept stage right through to installation of the product in the space.

Working mainly with architects and interior designers is quite inspiring and it’s great when people from different design disciplines work together and achieve such great project outcomes. I also have fabulous colleagues and directors who are a heap of fun to work with but also very motivating and inspiring from a professional perspective.

How do you stay inspired?

The Internet is a necessary evil when it comes to staying inspired. I can’t go past a good blog, designer interview or my daily dose of ‘pinteresting’! When I’m out and about I more often than not (much to the surprise of city folk) stop in the middle of a street to take a quick iPhone photo of an interesting texture, colour or bit of graffiti text I might come across!

What did you take out of your Textile Design training?

I owe majority of my professional success to my textile design training and RMIT Textile Design (proud plug!). Apart from learning technical textile design skills, the course has developed within me a sense of professional discipline. Whether it be mundane things like file management or more nerve racking things like presentation skills, I often find myself reflecting back to how I did things at uni to help me stay sane, organized and efficient at work. 

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