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Today’s post adds Jazmine Bradley to our ongoing Alumni series. Jaz graduated from BATD in 2011, and has since been busy working in commercial design studios and also developing her own label – Dear Diary launching at Design : Made :Trade this weekend. Thanks Jaz for taking the time out of a busy schedule to talk with us.


Jaz at work in her studio Image: Jaz Bradley 2013

Dear Diary is a fun, fresh product label that brings vibrant, bold and trendy design to the now generation and anyone who loves to live brightly. DearDiary designs inspire people to feel energized in their surroundings, live positively, dream big and get creative!… the label is a complete reflection of me as a designer.

Tell me a little bit about your background – how did you come to textiles and where has it led you?
Originally my love for drawing and pattern led me to study Textile Design at RMIT. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been creative and crafty. I’ve always wanted to see my artwork out in the world, from making laminated bookmarks in primary school, to drawing shoe catalogues and teaching art classes. I established a small product range during my time at uni, selling hand-made home decorations made from the leftover screen printing scraps I had from projects. This was simply a creative outlet to experiment and express my ideas, but one of my goals was always to open my own product and pattern licensing label.

After finishing the BA Textile Design degree, I was employed by a leading sleepwear and underwear company as a graphic artist, which designs under many large Australian retailer brands. Along side working, this year I am launching my own label of stationery and décor products, Dear Diary Design, it reflects my true aspirations, love for vibrant colour and showcases my playful design aesthetic.

Retro Pop by DearDiary Image: Jaz Bradley 2013

How do you define your style?
My designs are very youthful and light hearted. I love to play with bright colours, create characters and tell a story in my patterns. Some of my creative inspiration includes retro patterns (obsessed), today’s technology (can’t live without), quirky characters (can tell a good story) motivational quotes (keep you on track), traveling the world (never-ending wish list) and of course, bright colours! (must-have)

What does a typical working day involve?
At the moment, I am working full time and running my own business, so my days are pretty hectic! I will get up early and travel to the office, I will work on new yardage prints for the client presentations coming up, I might also work on packaging, brochures or colour matching during the day. On my way home, I’ll squeeze in a gym session and its back to work…but this time I’m in my studio at home. The first thing I do when I get home is check and respond to all my emails, then I will make sure any orders for my products are all ready to post the following day (in my lunch break), then I will work on marketing material, trend forecasting or even drawing some new pattern ideas. The past six months I have been preparing for DESIGN:MADE:TRADE mostly though!

What are the rewards of your job/work?
I can honestly say that I love all my jobs! At my full time job I love being able to work on yardage prints for men, women’s and especially kids. I love searching on Stylesight for new trends and pattern ideas. The part I love most about running Dear Diary Design, is that I can truly be myself and design in my style, make my own decisions in regards to the end look of the product. I also enjoy the satisfaction of having a label that is completely built up from my hard work, and seeing people’s delightful reaction to the products.

Do you have an online presence? If so, can you describe it and how you manage it?
Of course! I run the instagram, pinterest, facebook pages and newsletter for both my own business and our house brands at my full time job. They are so important and can benefit the company immensely once the ground work has been completed. I manage newsletters through mailchimp, and Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook I will often manage from my i-phone. I use plenty of hashtags to draw attention and make sure all the platforms are linked together.

Are there particular artists or designers you admire? What is it about them that you admire?
I admire many local designers from Australia that are my inspiration to keep motivated and do what I love. Emily Green, has developed her brand so much, and I like to look at how she promotes her products and brand identity. I have become friends with other local designers on instagram and we all help each other because we are at similar stages of building our own labels, some of these designers are MissPaperie, Saraihomewares and Lavieboheme Design.

How do you stay inspired?
My favourite way to stay inspired to travel and search the Internet. At work I can use Stylesight and research brands and blogs, but I also look at home magazines like RealLiving and Inside Out, and read design books written by inspiring professionals in the industry. This year in September I am going on a trip to Paris and London, whilst there I’ll be visiting the textile trade shows Premiere Vision and INDIGO, and also TopDrawer gift fair!

What are you looking forward to?
Launching my new Collection at Design Made Trade next week and then some Markets after that including RMIT Open Day!

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