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Today’s guest blog post is from one of our recent graduates –  Björn Eriksson. Regular readers of the blog will remember his postcard from India whilst on exchange in 2013-2014.

Since graduating last December, Björn has returned to Sweden to further his textile design career, and reconnect with his roots. We caught up with him recently to find out what he’s been up to since:


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2014 Alumni Björn Eriksson

 My name is Björn Eriksson. Originally from Sweden, I studied Textile Design at RMIT to challenge and inspire myself. After a few years abroad and an exchange semester in India, I decided to come back home to Europe for some time.

Back in Sweden I am doing an internship at Båvens Spinnhus for 6 months. Båvens Spinnhus is a small wool-spinning factory whose customers submit wool off the sheep and pay the company to spin this wool into yarn hanks.


Image: Båvens Spinnhus

I am involved in all the stages of the industrial spinning process and am also sometimes asked to felt or knit the company’s own wool and yarn into products, which are then sold in our small countryside shop. It is an interesting insight into how a company is run and the challenges of production in a fair manner in a competitive market.

Båvens Spinnhus is located in countryside Sweden, in a very small town. I stay inspired here by connecting to the people I meet and the immediate environment. There is a local castle, oak forest and lake that I pass while out running, connecting me to nature and feeding my inspiration.


Image: Swedish Countryside – courtesy Björn Eriksson

This inspiration also keeps me making at home – most recently my sister asked me to create a felt wall piece for her kitchen. And I try and keep up a blog as a way to inspire me to remain creative in my spare time.

Image: Felted Wall piece – image courtesy Björn Eriksson

Image: Felted Wall piece (detail) – image courtesy Björn Eriksson


My career goals are to be involved in fine art projects and interior textile design in a small, local and organic way. This internship puts me in direct proximity to such characters and I hope in the future I can learn from them how to navigate such a career.

In autumn (September), I am planning on moving back to a larger city to insert myself into a more career focused and art based situation. I hope that by the end of the year (or early next year) I’ll have a more permanent position with an established artist or progressive textile design company.


All the best as your practice evolves Björn – Glad Midsommar! (Happy Midsummer!)


To follow Björn’s work, check out his blog, facebook or instagram:

Facebook: Björn Eriksson Textiles

Instagram: BjornErikssonTextiles

Website: betextiles.com

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