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Today’s post is brought to you by the second year projects powerhouse and regular contributors Emma Lynas and Luise Adams, discussing a new project for this year with Araluen:

A second year collaborative project – Thank you to Amanda Magnano and Tyson Stephens for putting together this blog post about the Araluen collaboration – Emma Lynas & Luise Adams

Trevor Oxley (Araluen Artist) & Karan Jones (BATD student)
The final CATD / Textile Studio project for 2012 was developed to give us a different kind of design experience and broaden our outlook on what a textile designer can do in the community.

The project started with an activity called ‘Meet Me In The Middle’, we were each partnered with an Araluen  artist and given the freedom to paint, draw and collage without a formal brief. It was a unique and positive experience, allowing us to witness the artists in action, work alongside them and get to know them a little better over tea and biscuits.  We used the artwork we created during the activity to develop pattern repeats and engineered designs suitable to be digitally printed, cut and sewn to create limited edition sets consisting of a tea towel and apron.  Working with the Araluen artists allowed us to explore design practice in a more intuitive social way, devoid of commercial trends and financial implications.

After our studio experience, we were able to self nominate for management, production and media teams to bring our ideas into functional, usable and pleasurable products.  Our project management team helped to troubleshoot any potential issues and arranged with the VET fashion program to use their facilities (a big thanks to Mandy, Sharon and Cherry for helping us out here). The prepress team worked closely with Janelle (our Technical Officer) to put the new digital printer through its paces. The printed linen was passed onto the production team to be marked, cut, sewn and ironed into the final product. Meanwhile, the packaging team printed and put together 4 different types of packaging for the apron and tea towel sets. Throughout this process the media team took photos and video for marketing purposes and the BATD blog.

Compared to other projects, this one focused more on the experience of design and opened our eyes to other career opportunities outside of the commercial sector. The project was also a great way to bring the class together to brainstorm, develop a concept, prototype and make the product.   
Araluen Video created by Amanda Magnano

Based on the number of offers we have had to purchase the aprons and tea towels, we believe the project has been a great success.  The gift packs were kept under strict lock and key until the official presentation at Araulen in mid December.  

Emma Lynas, Santa, Lara Hynes (Araluen Art program manager), Luise Adams
Araluen plan to give the apron and tea towel sets to financial sponsors of their fabulous art connects program.  Araluen have an online gallery featuring the artists latest work, click hereto find out more.

In addition to working with Araluen we explored the role of play in the design process.  We were each given a scenario and asked to respond using video and photographs.  Within minutes of commencing the play date, the studio was flowing with color, pattern and crazy ideas!  This proved to be a great hit with elements of ‘play’ turning up in projects in other courses:

NYE PlaydateKaran Jones, Alana Costanzo, Alyssa Pyritz, Camilla Rogers, Janis Nah, Gabby Thomas, Eileen Braybrook

A group of talented textile design students were found without anything to wear to the “OMG how many patterns can you wear at any one time” New Years Eve party. They decided it would be best to trawl through their immaculate digital archives to locate their favorite patterns from first and second year. They each dressed up in plain light coloured clothes and sat for a series of portrait photos. The patterns were then simulated onto the photographs, no one really knows how, but the patterns stayed in place for 24 hours, allowing them to go to the party dressed on theme.

Unconventional conventionTyson Stephens, Steph Rushworth, Stacey Wong, Camilla Stirling, Ilce Karamacoski, Lisa Doutsas, Sarah Hearne

A group of talented textile design students turned a pile of unwanted / unclaimed bits and bobs into the most extravagant headdresses to wear to the annual general meeting of shamans and witch doctors. Each student wore a different head dress in accordance to their tribes traditional colours and symbolic geometric patterning.

I dream of beastieLiz Workman, Manna Ly, Laudianne Masri, Bree Ellett, Amanda Magnano, Nina Sepahpour

A group of talented textile design students were sitting around talking about this that and the other and started to discuss animal / human hybrids such as centaurs and Minotaur’s and 80’s cartoons such as The Wuzzles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They began to wonder a textile designer / animal hybrid would look like?

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